Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

We formulated this philosophy in August 2016, and all of our employees are working together to implement its tenets.

Our Mission

We will deliver happiness to our customers by continuing
to create inspection systems imbued with passion.

We shall deliver smiles while always retaining our pride as a pioneer of visual inspection systems by continuing to
develop and manufacture inspection systems that surpass our customers' expectations. This is our mission.

Our Vision

To become the world's leading comprehensive inspection systems manufacturer,
with the world's leading technical expertise and passion.

We shall aim to meet worldwide needs and become the pre-eminent name for comprehensive inspection systems,
together with our employees and their unrivalled technical expertise, passion, and the ‘will’ expressed in the Viswill name.

Our Action Guidelines

In order to achieve our mission and make our vision a reality,
we will act with a sense of urgency and in accordance with the following.

  • Love Product

    We shall always dutifully care for and respect each and every part of our lovingly-crafted Viswill products.

  • Respect our principles

    We shall respect our manufacturing principles based on technical theory and verification, and work with pride, confidence and sense of responsibility as a comprehensive inspection systems manufacturer.

  • Keep our promises

    We shall foster credibility and develop relationships of trust by keeping our promises. Moreover, we shall conduct honest work by complying with laws and regulations and maintaining a high standard of ethics.

  • Endeavor to improve our product quality and services

    We shall never forget the respect and gratitude we have for our business partners, and will constantly strive to improve our product quality while offering services with care, compassion and kindness.

  • Continue to challenge ourselves without being deterred by the possibility of failure

    We shall possess a spirit of intellectual curiosity, not fear failures, and act eagerly, with confidence that we will grow through continuing to undertake challenges.

  • Approach every situation proactively

    We shall constantly look to the future, and by actively engaging every situation with a constructive mindset, expand our field of vision and raise the quality of our work.

  • Collect information from all sources in order to make the best possible judgments

    We shall constantly strive to accumulate information from both inside and outside the company in order to make quick and appropriate decisions.

  • Diligently create workplaces that are strict but comfortable and inclusive

    We shall endeavor to develop by learning from each other and encouraging the active exchange of opinions and to create comfortable and inclusive workplaces through active dialogue.

  • Encourage those who make an effort

    We shall encourage and support with all of our strength those who face up to difficulties, and those who are brave in their words and actions.

  • Get results

    We shall work within our area of responsibility to achieve results, never giving up and seeing every job through to its end, whatever the outcome.

The concept encapsulated by the DJK Pharma Systems logo

DJK Pharma Systems, the Daiichi Jitsugyo Group’s pharmaceuticals brand, offers customers proposals for innovative manufacturing processes that are one step ahead.