Massage from the President

We aim to not only retain our top market share but to become the world's best comprehensive manufacturer of inspection systems.

Daiichi Jitsugyo Viswill has been engaged in the design, manufacture, marketing and maintenance of automated visual inspection systems ever since our founding in 1971.Our particular strength lies in visual inspection equipment for tablets and capsules used by the pharmaceutical industry. In this sector, we are a long-established company but one that constantly adapts to the latest needs, delivering the best visual inspection systems to customers and thus maintaining a top market share.In the electronic components sector, we have many satisfied customers in Japan and overseas, who utilize our inspection systems for chip capacitors and other components.
Why are visual inspection systems needed? They guarantee the quality of the products' external appearance and free workers from the arduous labor of visual screening. Pre-empting rising needs, we are constantly developing and improving our systems to achieve high performance and stability. We aim to be the world's topmost comprehensive manufacturer of inspection systems. We will dedicate our relentless effort to developing products that deliver customer satisfaction.

Tadayuki MatsukawaRepresentative Director and President

The concept encapsulated by the DJK Pharma Systems logo

DJK Pharma Systems, the Daiichi Jitsugyo Group’s pharmaceuticals brand, offers customers proposals for innovative manufacturing processes that are one step ahead.