Parts on a palette visual inspection system
Parts -on-a-Pallette Visual Inspection System CCVIS-PL

Parts-on-a-Pallette Visual Inspection System

Electronic components arranged on trays are adsorbed using special air nozzles, and both top and bottom are visually inspected. Conforming units are returned to the tray, while defective units are collected separately by type of defect.

Stable transfer
  • The workpieces are adsorbed by special air nozzles and transferred to minimize damage.
Easy to operate
  • There are no replaceable parts or changeovers to perform, making it easy to set conditions.
Applicable work Electronic components placed on trays
Workpiece sizes 2520, 3225, 5750, 7050
Inspected items Splits, chips, dirt, bumpiness, foreign particles, cracks, specks, scratches
Inspected surfaces face, back
Inspection accuracy Flaws equivalent to a black speck as small as 20 μm2
Processing capacity 1,000 pieces/min.
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