No vibration parts feeder

No vibration parts feeder

No vibration and high-speed supply
Products are aligned without the use of vibration and supplied to the next process at high speed.
There is no damage to workpieces as with conventional systems, and the parts feeder itself lasts much longer.
Long, stable supply
The system provides stable transfer for a long time using a mechanism to prevent jamming.
Simple mechanism
Because the mechanism is simple, it is applicable to a wide range of product types.
We work to meet the need of customers with special requests.
We offer three types with different-sized flow-control turntables—diameters of 200, 300 and 450 mm—to meet customers' needs.
Applicable uses
Ceramic capacitors, chip LEDs, chip resistors, chip components such as crystal oscillators, tablet shapes, small, cylindrical functional components
Applicable work examples

Applicable for sizes 0402–3216

Applicable workpiece sizes Supply capacity
0402 900,000 pieces/hour
0603 900,000 pieces/hour
1005 600,000 pieces/hour
1608 360,000 pieces/hour
2012 300,000 pieces/hou
3216 180,000 pieces/hour

Note: Supply capacity may vary from rates in the chart depending on the nature of the work.

Supplying LED chips to a taping machine
Delivery specifications
  • • Top-and-bottom alignment
  • • Front-and-back alignment
  • • Processing rate of 24,000 pieces/hour
  • • Footprint of about 200 mm2
  • • Low damage to/dirtying of workpieces
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