Chip compounent visual inspection system
Chip component visual inspection system CCVIS-A5V

Chip component visual inspection system

3CCD Color Camera and Unique Imaging System
The use of a 3CCD color camera and originally developed light enable the simultaneous capture of multiple images, which highlights different features, making it possible to improve the defect detection rate without lowering yield.
High-speed Transfer Technology
  • Supply, alignment and transfer are gentle on items being inspectedA non-vibratory feeder supply method is combined with an alignment and transfer system designed to not stress the items being inspected.
  • Long continuous operationThe system provides stable visual inspection without jamming, for long, continuous operation.
    (Max. processing capacity: 48,000 pieces/hour)
Easy setting of conditions
  • Saved images from each area can be used for simulations to support the setting of optimal inspection conditions.
Easy type changeovers
  • Type changeover work can be done without tools in a short time.
CCVIS-A5V Specifications Item Specifications
Inspection functions Applicable work Prism chip components
Tablet size 0402–5750
Inspected items Size, dirt, scratches, chips, cracks, deformation, discoloration
Inspected surfaces Front, back, side edges (6 surfaces)
Inspection accuracy Flaws equivalent to a black speck as small as 4 μm2
Processing capacity Max. 48,000 pieces/hour
Hardware Optical unit Dome lights (red below, yellow in middle, blue on top)
Cameras 3CCD area scan
Color camera
Communication 21-inch monitor
Data processing unit Viswill image processing unit
Hopper Capacity: 1.5 L Belt conveyor supply
Alignment unit No vibration parts feeder (flow sheet system)
Conveyor unit Glass disc transfer system
Sorting and rejection unit Air-blown separation
Conforming unit collection bin Capacity: 0.9 L
Defective or uninspected unit collection bin Capacity: 0.6 L (for defective units x 2; for uninspected units x 1)
Software Inspection functions Individual and overall judgments, input of sensitivity
Inspection condition setting, output of inspection results, inspection simulation function
Diagnostic functions Monitoring of inspection status, monitoring of hardware, self-diagnoses
Size and environment Size 1,274 mm (W) x 964 mm (D) x 1,800 mm (H)
Machine weight 500 kg
Power supply AC 200V (3 phase)
Power consumption 3.0 kW
Pneumatic pressure ≥ 0.5 MPa
Ambient conditions Temperature: 10–30 °C
Humidity: 30–70%
Exterior Bake coating
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