Tablet visual inspection system
Tablet visual inspection system TVIS-NS-VA1

Tablet visual inspection system
Single Line

High-accuracy 3D inspection (Nakai Prize winner)
It is possible to detect small chipping that were difficult to detect by conventional methods at high speed.
We are recognized for our high level of contribution to quality assurance and productivity improvement in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, we won the Nakai Prize of the Japan Society of Pharmaceutical Machinery and Engineering, the highest in the industry.
High-accuracy character inspection VCR
The labeling inspection, which inspects printing/emboss one character at a time, has been further evolved. High-speed processing of pattern matching that can optionally set the area of interest (ROI) enables more accurate character inspection.
As shown at right, it is possible to detect the words "DJK" and "ファーマ" overall, as well as the individual character "ァ" in "ファーマ".
Stable transfer/increased processing capability
We have accumulated experience and experience in simple mechanisms of trough unit, flow control unit, and disk-track rotation methods. And then we are making it possible to achieve higher and more stable processing capacity.
Single Line:
Round tablets: 300,000 tablets/hour (5 mm in diameter)
Shaped tablets: 150,000 tablets/hour (8 mm in length)
Equipped with image processing system V-IPU
HMI, work control, and image processing are integrated into one unit to achieve highly accurate, high-speed image processing.
Using an extensive image processing library, by inspecting the area image, which is an image of one tablet of each line image, it has become possible to detect defective features that were difficult to detect in the past
Item Specifications
Inspection functions Applicable tablets Uncoated tablets, film-coated tablets, sugar-coated tablets, multilayer tablets Tablets with printed marks on one or both sides; scored tablets; tablets with engraved marks
Tablet size Round tablets: 5–12 mm in diameter, 2–8 mm in thickness Shaped tablets: 5–12 mm in width, 2–8 mm in thickness, 5–21 mm in length Contact us for out of range tablets.
Inspected items Dirt, scratches, foreign particles, cracks, chips, deformation, different color, discoloration, scratched print, blurred print, coating defects and emboss defects
Inspected surfaces Face, back, and sides
Inspection accuracy Defects equivalent to a 50μm square or larger black speck
Processing capacity Round tablets: 300,000 tablets/hour (5 mm in diameter)
Shaped tablets: 150,000 tablets/hour (8 mm in length)
Hardware Image and data processing Optical unit Face/side lighting unit (LED) and 3D inspection unit (laser)
Cameras 3CMOS color line sensor camera x 2,
CMOS area sensor camera x 2
Communication Touch panel (Windows)
Data processing unit Viswill Image Processing Unit
Rejection subsystem Rejection unit Pneumatic system with rejection monitoring functions
Defects collection box Capacity: 27 L
Uninspected collection box Capacity: 10 L
Pneumatic system Suction blower for the belt conveyor unit 3.7kW, Suction blower for powder collection 0.75kW
Software Inspection functions Individual and overall judgments; input of sensitivity; inspection condition setting; output of inspection results; simulation function
Diagnostic functions Monitoring of inspection status, monitoring of hardware, self-diagnosis
Size and environment Dimensions 1,850 (W) x 1,000 (D) x 1,880 (H)
Weight 1300kg
Power supply AC 200 VAC (3 phase), 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 9.0kVA
Pneumatic pressure ≥ 0.5 MPa
Ambient conditions Temperature: 10–30 °C
Humidity: 30–70%
Exhaust air flow Max. 16 m3/min.
Exterior SUS304 hairline finishing
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