Tablet inspection and printing system
Tablet inspection and printing system TIPS-EX4-CD

Tablet inspection and printing system

World’s First
Tablet visual inspection system + Tablet print inspection unit = Tablet inspection and printing system
No.1 market share "tablet visual inspection system", and the high-performance "tablet printing inspection unit" have been combined.
A high-performance tablet inspection and printing system that uses inkjet printing.
Compatible with Ultra-fast-drying DRY Ink
Our originally developed DRY ink can be used with a wide range of tablets from uncoated to film-coated, sugar-coated, etc.
The ultra-fast-drying ink eliminates misprints and ink stain.
Print Inspection System
Based on the technology cultivated in our tablet visual inspection systems, Viswill have developed our own print inspection algorithm and can reliably sort out of good tablets and defects.
Providing the optimized design
Viswill provide the optimized print design, including printing on both sides of a scored line and printing on shaped tablets.
Stress-Free Maintenance Function for Inkjet Head
The inkjet head unit is designed to be easy to attach and remove, allowing easy maintenance through the use of a Separately located offline washing unit.
The inkjet head unit is set to the offline washing unit, and the process form ink collecting – cleaning – ink filling is performed automatically by pressing the operation button.
There are three change over parts
Changeover for different tablet setting takes only 15 minutes.
The only parts to change are Punched plate for larger and smaller tablets rejection and the height gate.
Easy Dock
Tablet print inspection unit with inkjets (Easy Dock) that can easily be docked to our TVIS-EX Series tablet visual inspection system.
Docking makes it possible to combine the tablet visual inspection system with tablet print inspection unit.
PS-A and PS-W
The Easy Dock inkjets come in two types—PS-A for pigmented ink and PS-W for dye-based ink.
Item Specifications
Applicable tablets Type Uncoated, film-coated, OD tablets and break line tablets
Tablet sizes Round tablets: 5–12 mm in diameter, 2–8 mm in thickness
Shaped tablets: 5–12 mm in width, 2–8 mm in thickness, 5–21 mm in length
Contact us for out of range tablets.
Processing capacity Actual value: 350,000 tablets/hour (6 mm)
Will change depending on tablet size and shape.
Utilities Size 2,273(W) x 1,215(D) x 1,720(H)
Machine weight 1,350 kg
Power supply AC 200 VAC (3 phase), 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 11.5 kW
Pneumatic pressure ≥ 0.35 MPa
Ambient conditions Temperature: 10–30 °C
Humidity: 30–70%
Exterior Stainless steel
Exhaust air flow Max. 43 m3/min.
Visual inspection unit Inspection functions Inspected items Dirt, scratches, foreign particles, cracks, chips, deformation, different color, discoloration, scratched print, blurred print, hair, mottled tablets, etc. (add an algorithm to improve inspection accuracy)
Inspected surfaces Face, back, and sides
Inspection accuracy Defects equivalent to a 50μm square or larger black speck
Hardware Inspection subsystem Optical unit 6 optical units (face, 4; side; 2), 100 W LED
Cameras Color CCD digital line sensor cameras x 4; Face and back 3D inspection cameras x 2
Communication Touch panel
Data processing unit Viswill image processing unit
Transfer subsystem Hopper Capacity: 12 L
Vibratory feeder Processing capacity: Max. 8,000 tablets/min.
Flow-control turntable φ596 (diam.) t 0.5, 0–60 rpm
Conveyor units Suction disc conveyor unit, Suction belt conveyor unit
Rejection subsystem Rejection unit Pneumatic system
Defects collection box Capacity: 25 L
Uninspected collection box Capacity: 8 L
Software Inspection functions Individual and overall judgments, input of sensitivity, inspection condition setting, output of inspection results
Diagnostic unit Monitoring of inspection status, monitoring of hardware, self-diagnoses
Printing and print inspection unit Printed surfaces and printed colors Two-sided printing
Single color
Head specifications System: inkjet
Print resolution: up to 600 dpi
Applicable inks Eatable ink
Ink refilling Separately located offline washing unit.
Ink supply Ink tanks: small ink tanks mounted onto the head unit
Cleaning Equipped with head purge and cleaning functions
Transfer system Suction disc conveyor unit, Suction belt conveyor unit
Post-printing inspection Camera: CCD color area camera
Image processing: high-speed, real-time print inspection
Rejection Automated rejection of misprinted tablets (with sorting error monitoring function)
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