Image processing unit
V-IPU image processing unit
Image processing unit

Image processing unit

Viswill combines high-speed image processing, equipment control and HMI in a single unit.
  • All of the functions needed for a visual inspection system in one compact unit.
  • Wiring is simple and connection to the system is easy.
A Full Range of Tools
  • Algorithm BuilderOur Algorithm Editor (AE) application enables the customer to edit the inspection algorithm.

  • Simulation functionOur Parameter Editor (PE) enables simulations using saved images for the editing of inspection conditions.

  • Defect AnalysisOur Result Analyzer (RA) application enables quality control and data collection.

Item Specifications
Applicable areas Up to 8 areas maximum
Image processing engine HALCON + Viswill's original image processing board enable high-speed image processing
OS Windows base
CPU (2.3 GHz x 16 Core) x 2
Size 412 (W) x 400 (D) x 165 (H)
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