Capsule visual inspection system
Capsule visual inspection system CVIS-NS-V1

Capsule visual inspection system
Single Line

High-accuracy 12-angle inspection system
Four 3CMOS color line sensor cameras are used to inspect capsules from 12 angles with high accuracy. The head and body are inspected separately with high accuracy to detect such as dents at the head. The inspection areas for light and dark colors are also separated, allowing the inspection of a wide range of capsules, including two-color and dark-color capsules.
Combined-image print inspection
Images of the print on capsules are taken as the capsules face in random directions during transfer. The images are then combined and processed to detect print defects with high accuracy.
Dirt detection accuracy: 50 μm
Black spots as small as 50 μm can be detected.
High processing capacity
By making the simple flow-control unit into two lines, achieves a high processing capacity.
Single Line:
Size 5: Max. 125,000 capsules/hour
Size 4: Max. 117,500 capsules/hour
Size 3: Max. 110,000 capsules/hour
Size 2: Max. 100,000 capsules/hour
Size 1: Max. 92,500 capsules/hour
Size 0: Max. 85,000 capsules/hour
Note: May change depending on the condition of the capsule surface.
Item Specifications
Inspection functions Applicable capsules Single-color or two-color hard capsules, printed capsules(Inspection may be limited on capsules with both transparent cap and body, or dark-color capsules.)
Capsule sizes Size 0 to Size 5 capsules
Inspected items Bright and darkness inspection: dirt, foreign particle, scratch, crack, lengthwise crack, diagonal crack, split, hole, etc.
Shape inspection: collapsed, dent, length, double capping, bent, etc.
Color inspection: color deviation, discoloration, etc.
Print function: unprinted, blurred print, scratched print, etc.
Tip inspection: dirt, foreign particles, scratches, chips, collapses, dents, etc.
Inspected surfaces Cap and body—whole direction and surface, Head of capsule
Inspection accuracy Defects equivalent to a 50μm square or larger black speck
Processing capacity 85,000-125,000 capsules/hour (may change depending on condition of capsule surface)
Hardware Image and data processing Optical unit 4 Lighting Unit (4 body and head) 100W LED
Cameras 3CMOS color line sensor cameras x 4
Control panel Touch panel (data: 17 inch; control: 8.4 inch)
Data processing unit Viswill image processing unit
Rejection subsystem Rejection unit Pneumatic system with rejection monitoring functions
Defects collection box Capacity: 27 L
Uninspected collection box Capacity: 10 L
Pneumatic system Suction blower for the belt conveyor unit 3.7kW, Suction blower for powder collection 0.75kW
Software Inspection functions Individual and overall judgments; input of sensitivity; inspection condition setting; output of inspection results; simulation function
Diagnostic functions Monitoring of inspection status, monitoring of hardware, self-diagnosis
Size and environment Dimensions 1,850 (W) x 1,000 (D) x 1,880 (H)
Power supply AC 200 VAC (3 phase), 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 9.0kVA
Pneumatic pressure ≥ 0.5 MPa
Ambient conditions Temperature: 10–30 °C
Humidity: 30–70%
Exhaust air flow Max. 16 m3/min.
Exterior SUS304 hairline finishing
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